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After 38 years of working with both large and small groups, Diane Kane is bringing her enthusiasm and light-hearted approach to the new concept of Laughter Clubs.  She brings to her programs vast experience in motivating people of all ages and helping individuals to become more optimistic and hopeful.  After discussing the mounting scientific evidence on the benefits of laughter and humor, she teaches a systematic method of chuckles, chortles, giggles and guffaws that promise to reduce stress and prevent hardening of the attitudes.

Laughter Club Programs can be presented in many settings:
        Large audiences or small groups
        Suitable for all ages
        Motivation in the workplace
        Social gatherings for senior citizens
        Support groups
        School staff
        Hospital, hospice, and nursing home caregivers
        Church and synagogue gatherings


Research shows…


“Numerous studies support the benefits of humor and laughter in areas of cardiac rehabilitation, pain perception, discomfort thresholds, coping with stress, and immunity enhancement in children and adults. 
Dr. Lee S. Berk, Alternative Therapies

“It's no wives' tale… laughter is the best medicine. Research consistently shows that laughter has both preventive and therapeutic value. Laughter is aerobic exercise that helps us stay healthy by enriching the blood with ample supplies of oxygen. One minute of laughter is equal to 10-minutes on the rowing machine.” Dr. William Fry, Stanford University

Diane Kane

CEO (Chief Elation Officer)
Milwaukee Laughter Club

“There is now a great deal of research showing tht humor is a powerful tool in coping with life stress…Humor and laughter reduce stress in several ways, including the production of muscle relaxation—the number one goal of stress management techniques.  But they also reduce feelings of anger, frustration, tension, anxiety, and even mild levels of depression.”
Paul McGhee, PhD.
“Why Companies are Putting Humor to Work”

Comments from participants:

“I can’t tell you how much I needed to laugh after what I’ve been going through for the past 7 months!”   Theresa – Cancer Support Group

“Our staff has been under a lot of stress and Diane’s program helped us to step back and remember to laugh again.”  Bradley – Milwaukee Public School Teacher

“Diane has a wonderful way of getting the whole group to participate and have a great time.”  Thomas – Participant at a library Laughter Club Program

“I really learned a lot about how people can change a negative attitude and turn things around.”  Leanne – Employee of a healthcare agency


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