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During a Laughter Club Program...

We Celebrate Laughter From A to Z!

by Diane Kane

Active, Animating, Amusing Laughter
Bold, Bright, Buoyant, Belly Laughter
Contagious, Cheerful, Calming, Comical and Chuckling Laughter
Delightful, Dynamic and Demonstrative Laughter
Exciting, Eager, Entertaining, Exhilarating and Elating Laughter
Friendly, Fervent, Fanciful, Fun and Fitness Laughter
Giggling, Gleeful, Gratifying and Giddy Laughter
Howling, Heartfelt, Hardy and Hilarious Laughter
Infectious, Intriguing, Irrepressible and Innovative Laughter
Jolly, Joyful, Jovial and Jubilant Laughter
Kidding, Kick-back and Kindness Laughter
Lively, Levity and Lasting Laughter
Merry, Madcap and Mirthful Laughter
Nimble, Necessary, Nourishing, Nonsense and Natural Laughter
Over-joyous, Open-hearted and Outrageous Laughter
Peaceful, Playful and Participatory Laughter
Quirky, Quick, Quiet and Quintessential Laughter
Rolling, Resounding, Robust, and Rib-Tickling, Laughter
Silly, Snickering, Spirited, Soothing, Satisfying, Smiling, and Sunny Laughter
Tittering, Thundering and Therapeutic Laughter
Uninhibited, Unavoidable, Unburdening and Uproarious Laughter
Vigorous, Vitality and Vivacious Laughter
Warm, Witty, Whimsical and Wonderful Laughter
Xactly what you needed Laughter and Xtremely beneficial Laughter
(never X Rated Laughter)
Yearned-for, Youthful, and Yoga Laughter
Zestful, Zealous, Zany and Zingy Laughter


Milwaukee Laughter Club

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